Actress/Model/French Bilingual Consultant/Doula

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 145 lbs
Age: -40 age range
Size: 12
Education: MA, French Villanova University, 1984


Personal Experience:
• 11 years as French adjunct at Villanova and Cabrini College
• 20 years teaching for Berlitz International
• Innkeeper for 7 years and volunteer staff person for women within international
• NJ approved court interpreter
• 2 yrs experience as on call telephone interpreter
• Doula trained March 2012

Phone: 732-685-5457


    • Featured Parent, parent/wife, Columbia Pic
    • Trauma Indie, doctor,
    • 7 to the palace featured restaurant diner David Kaplan NY
    • watching tV with the Red Chinese med tech Shimon Dotan NY
    • Exit 102 70ís couple and spectator Peter Dobson Asbury Park NJ
    • Split Ends Bar patron and spectator Dorothy LeMay Clifton NJ
    • Ice Grill USA Nightclub couple and Doctors Office waiting room Anthony Devores Atlantic City NJ
    • Pick up the Toys Mrs. Baggs Temple U Drexel Hill PA
    • One Night Stand Grocery Shopper Temple U Bethlehem, PA


    • Longmire TV, Scene 506, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Robert Baxter productions, 2016

    • Discovery Health Theatre patron Andrew Beckel NYC
    • Forensic Files Movie patron ProModel Bethlehem
    • Brains on Trial, PBS, Producer Alan Alda
    • Kings GWC Casting NYC

    • Scrooge, ensemble, Mark Fleming
    • Best of Broadway, ensemble, Mark Fleming


    • Fitness Magazine Locker Room Spread Cherisse NYC
    • Fortress of the Arts Jewelry Extravaganza KatzEye Philadelphia
    • Chesapeake City Outdoor Class Model Cheseapeake City
    • The Reconstructed Family Photo Shoot University of Penn

    • Christmas in Italy, soprano choir backup for C. Fortanello, PBS
    • Sabet Mater, chorus first soprano, J. Tramm
    • Viva Verdi, 1st soprano, Jason Tramm/Midatlantic Opera
    • Bach and Hayden, 1st soprano, J. Tramm


    • Weist Barron of NY, Methods
    • Kathy Wickline, Commercial